Yoga Teacher Training 2015

"I think you were the most valuable part of the training for me. Watching you live so joyously. I was trying to explain to my husband how the pieces just all fit together so beautifully. The crafting and structure of the training was perfect, but you as a teacher made it whole. Somehow you found the perfect balance between structure/business and joy/love in teaching. Truly amazing.

I wish we could put you in a bottle and reproduce everything you bring to teaching. I have worked with many inspiring teachers in my over twenty years of teaching school, but you are the absolute model of balance and inspiration in teaching. It was also so helpful, how our practice teaching grew into creating our first class.

I loved how different all the guest teachers are. Each one of them had so much to offer, but their differences allowed me to see that we really need to honor our own gifts and find our own strength in teaching.

I feel so prepared to teach yoga, so much more than I would have imagined possible after a two week intensive. I think I will also be able to "live my yoga" much more deeply than before the training. I so admire the women in our training and know that I will continue to learn and grow with them." — Sher Meyer

"You have such an amazing grasp of how this process affects your students and your preparedness did not go unnoticed. Your joy for teaching and sharing yoga is so genuine and that alone has the ability to create change in your students.

You have done a great job of bringing in people who are not only knowledgeable, but passionate about what they do. They covered topics that some of us may not have had any interest in prior to training, but their passion had such an ability to evoke curiosity. Each and every one of the guest teachers displayed expertise and I feel incredibly lucky to be learning from them.

I've always been interested in the yama's, niyamas, and koshas. Now that I have a better understanding of them, I find myself applying them to my daily life and in the decisions I make minute by minute. It makes me feel like I have a rough blueprint for how to live my life in a way that allows for integrity and inner peace.

Graduating and getting a certificate at the end was icing on the cake. You could easily take your teachings and turn them into a self-discovery retreat and people would leave feeling awakened to all of life's possibilities. I began the two weeks feeling unconfident and unsure of my abilities. I had no idea how two weeks could turn that around. But by the end, I felt like a whole new person. I was not only confident, but excited and surprised. My whole perspective has changed and my future has just gotten so much more "possible"." — Misty Pittman

"Thank you for a life-changing and truly remarkable experience. I almost love that it is so hard to explain, because this experience is like my own little secret precious gem. I feel so honored and grateful to be a part of this awesome group of women.

The overall organization of the days was so mindful and effective. What comes to mind as the most valuable part of the training was the daily breakdown of each pose with modifications, demonstrations, cues, safe teaching techniques, etc.

Sharon was so awesome throughout the entire process. Since I first signed up I have felt as though you were always available for any questions, concerns, feedback, etc. Everything was so nicely organized. You are truly gifted in facilitating these trainings.

After learning so much about alignment from you and Jules, I feel I have started to develop "an eye" and I feel much safer teaching now because of it.

A million thank-you's for everything you taught me, everything you provided, and for the opportunity to spend two weeks with some truly amazing people. Every single person in the yoga mansion inspired me to be the best friend, wife, teacher, and yogi I can be. Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to meet such fabulous women. Thank you thank you thank you!" — Megan Neal

"The most valuable part of the training for me was the opportunity to learn from a wise young soul, my teacher, Sharon. You radiate such a sincere love of everything Yoga and it made it so real for me, I wanted to soak up everything you shared. I love how you organized the training, the information covered, the practice, the sitting, the laughter, the poetry, the friendships, the sentimental moments and epiphanies. You made it all special, understandable, joyful!

Your honesty and joy are contagious. You are an excellent teacher/facilitator and we were all blessed to have studied under your tutelage.

I find myself applying what I have learned constantly, from my interactions with people, to nature, to objects (SAMADHI!)

I have grown in all three areas: emotionally; intellectually; spiritually. It is a beautiful journey. I am so glad I attended your training. I have the tools to teach and make a living at it if I so desire. And equally important, I have made friendships with my yoga sisters that I know will last a lifetime." — Lisa Rae Johnson

"Your style as a facilitator is a true gift. You have a calmness about you that is reassuring and brings focus and awareness to what you are teaching without the feeling of urgency or stress associated with it. You know when to be light hearted and to break out into a dance party. You allow questions to be asked during your presentation while at the same time staying on task. The process you have developed in terms of yoga postures in the morning, philosophy and breath/meditation in the afternoons works well. I never felt overwhelmed during the two weeks I was there. What I really loved is learning how to be a yoga teacher, learning about the philosophy, knowing there is so much more to learn, and leaving feeling confident and relaxed about it. Steadiness and ease ... you embody it completely.

I have already found upon reentering my world at home, that I feel more aware and more centered than I ever have before. I am so grateful I came across your website last year and took the plunge to come to your training. I am also happy that you are not that far away, for I know I will come to Barefoot Works at some point in the future. I feel connected to all of the women from the training and hope our friendship continues as we support each other through this process." — Barbara Steinke

"You were wonderful!! You were present, patient and generous with your time and energy. I loved the layout of the overall training and how each day you built upon the precious days materials. The training schedule was very thoughtfully laid out. You had a humble approach to your yogic knowledge and wisdom that you openly shared with all the trainees.

And the most valuable aspect of the training for me was being on location for 14 days so that I could completely focus on being present with the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.

The manual is a great resource! I loved the materials and thought you had explained each item that we covered thoroughly and practically. My spirit SOARED throughout the whole training!! That was my favorite part.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you and feel so honored that I got the opportunity to spend 14 days with you. I have learned an enormous amount about life on and off the mat and can't imagine not continuing this relationship/friendship throughout my life." — Kay Funk

"You were fabulous. The course content was very organized and the schedule was well thought out. I appreciated your fun, warm, yet professional leadership.

For me just being there and doing the work was very valuable and empowering. I feel like the information and "ah ha's" will be very applicable in my teaching and in my own practice.

Sharon, I want you to know how blessed I feel to have the experience of our 2 weeks together. I feel like everyday a memory comes up and something new from the training clicks. I wouldn't have guessed that the experience would keep on giving in such a rich way after the fact. Thank you so much for facilitating this! You truly have had a major impact on my life!" — Cyndi Vannoy

"Two weeks in Corolla, lots of yoga, yummy food, amazing souls, incredible teachers, calming ocean - wow - it was such an experience. The greatest gift was the time to really immerse in yoga/self study/learning from amazing women (teachers and participants) - such a gift!

You are an incredibly talented teacher/facilitator and the learning process itself was highly organized, fun, creative and followed a pretty amazing progression. There was also a phenomenal process of integrating… 'learning in layers' with 'self-exploration' - that together were a very powerful combination.

Thank you, Sharon - so much for the amazing opportunity to participate in such a wonderful process. I've been to many conferences, training's, etc - and this was definitely a very well done training on some many wonderfully, engaging fronts." — Lauren McGrath

"It was incredible for me to be a student again. It was especially incredible to be away from everything and there in Tulum to learn. Having the time and the incredible space and incredible group to learn with all made it extra special, not to mention, an incredible teacher as well! Although the anatomy was challenging I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. It was great to be reconnecting with body parts I have not thought of in years. It made me just want to know more.

Being able to deconstruct every pose and spend time with it was very valuable too. I love knowing the why of things and it has helped it all make more sense to me.

My dearest, sweet Sharon, there really aren't words to express what an amazing teacher I have found in you. You have changed me and my life in ways you will never know. You have made me a better person, you have made me a better teacher as well (in my own classroom at school). I knew when I met you last July that I had to do yoga teacher training with you and there was no other way for me.

I really appreciate the way you wrap your arms and heart around every student and person that participates in your retreats and trainings. You have such a gift and you are so wise, wise beyond your years. You are probably one of the most soulful people I have the pleasure and gift of knowing. I am so honored and blessed and fortunate and grateful that you are in my life.

What a gift this whole experience was emotionally and spiritually. Yes there were days of struggle and moments when I thought I would not be able to do this. Working our bodies as much as we did physically really brought up a lot emotionally and spiritually I think. Practicing yoga has changed my life dramatically. And really being able to have the experiences in Tulum I have had this year has even more so changed my life and me in ways I could never fathom. I have clarity I have never had in my life. The people I have been able to connect with in Tulum and the relationships I have been able to form there have touched me so deeply. It's authentic living. It's really connected on emotional and spiritual levels that I have such gratitude for." — Myra Smith

"There were many valuable parts of the training, but being part of a small group is something that comes to me initially. Nobody was left feeling like just a face in the crowd. Breaking down each pose in a particular group was a nice way to understand all the things a teacher should be looking for and cueing. I'm still amazed at how every person in the group was essential. It's so rare to be in a group like this where you really care for everyone and hope to keep in contact.

The program was organized and executed wonderfully. Sharon, you have a gift as a teacher. You know how to support the needs of your students while also bringing them outside their comfort zone.

Besides being kind and calm, I found Sharon to be incredibly perceptive. I was amazed at her ability to tap into the group's energy and know when we needed a break or just a little change in the schedule.

I walked away from the training feeling like it's important to take a risk. The biggest example of this being that I quit a job that I've been unhappy in without having another job lined up. It's crucial to take a risk in order to move toward what you really want. I was inspired by many people in the group." — Pilar Garza

"As a teacher Sharon is supportive, strong, strength giving, motivating, and so much more. You seem to have no judgement, to maybe not enjoy someone's attributes and yet to love them all at the same time. You treat your clients and students as friends, and you truly say what you mean and mean what you say. It is all neccesary, kind, and true.

I have been telling people that this was quite possibly the best two weeks of my life, simply because I felt good. I felt happy. I felt connected." — Paige Hankla

"Being able to fully immerse myself in all things yoga was so valuable to me. I believe that by having a single focus I was able to dive deeper into earning about yoga than if I hadn't had these designated 15 days only for learning.

Being able to put all my effort, thought and focus towards my learning cleared my mind and helped me be more present.

Spirtually the experience was like a slow, deep breath. I worked on being present, I learned some good meditation tips and met people who have changed my life.

The two most valuable parts of the training for me was learning about the Yoga Sutras and learning about the cuing and breakdown of the postures.

I think you are a natural teacher. You have a gift for passing on your knowledge in a clear, kind way. You did a great job organizing the time frame of the days." — Lee Anne Vaughn

"Being surrounded by a group of like-minded people really helped to feel "safe" when teaching yoga. I cannot imagine any better teacher than you were for this training. Perfect teacher. There was not a tiny little thing I can think of that you could have done better.

I came to Tulum with the intention of "deepening my practice" and a tiny, little hope of maybe being one day able to teach yoga. On our last day I discovered that I got so much more. I never imagined it possible that I could teach a class but somehow was able in the end. So I was (and am) really glad to have discovered this ability in me.

Sharon was the most amazing person one can imagine: Very compassionate, kind, supportive, understanding and with a huge passion for yoga. With her vast knowledge and experience of yoga she taught us how to teach others safely. I am so grateful to have found her for this experience which was truly unique." — Katrin Brussa

"Your message of spine neutrality and stability before mobility was the most valuable part of the training for me. I feel confident that equipped with this simple, yet powerful, message I have significantly altered my own yoga practice, and I have a solid foundation from which to teach. If I always come back to these principles I sense that I will always know what the right thing to be doing with both my own body and my teaching, it has lent a whole new depth to my understanding of the physical practice of yoga.

I say this from the bottom of my heart, you are amazing. I can tell how much hard work and thought you've put into the trainings. It all shows, don't think for a second that I didn't appreciate every single thing you did, from the care and thought you put into the asana practice complete with your spot on poems, to the right balance of walking mediation with seated meditation, I felt like I was under the care of a wonder mama the whole time. I felt like you were really taking care of me the whole time (and of course everyone else). There's nothing more wonderful than feeling like someone else is in charge, particularly someone you trust. You care so deeply about yoga, your work and us, all that care came through 24-7, which I can't imagine how exhausting that must have been for you at times, but you never let on.

Sincere - you truly love yoga and you truly cared for me, and for the group, you wanted to make sure we understood this is serious business, we had a lot to learn, but that you were rooting for us the whole time. You are the real deal.

Fun - things weren't silly all the time, which I was thankful for, but you did a good job of lightening the mood when needed with dance parties, smoothies, wine. You struck the perfect balance of down to business this is time to work, but still recognized that we were all having a good time, too.

Punctual - you were meticulous with that watch of yours, I never once actually looked at the time myself unless I needed to be somewhere, but I just knew that you were keeping things right on track and were not prepared to let a single second go to waste, which I also really appreciated.

Warm - you emanate warmth and compassion

Inspiring - knowing what little I know of you personally and your life growing up, I am very impressed and inspired by everything you have achieved for yourself, and fully expect to be blown away by what continues to come down the pipeline. I fully expect to be name dropping one day that I did my first training under your watchful mamayogi eye

Smart smart smart - I need say no more

I will be HIGHLY recommending your training to my fellow yogis up here in Canada :)" — Adrienne Furrie

"As a teacher I think you have a natural gift to present the material in the most articulate way to a group with such varied yoga experience. I really liked the schedule and how you broke the poses up each day then built on them during the following days. That was a terrific teaching method for me.

As a facilitator you did an amazing job! Every time I would get tired, sore or discouraged I used your determination and drive as my motivation. I have never seen anyone more passionate about teaching as you.

The spiritual aspect really resonated with me and having Shivani was amazing. It feels like a switch was turned on and I cannot find enough material to satisfy my curiosities and questions.

My personal yoga practice will forever be enhanced with the knowledge of what exactly is occurring in my body. There isn't a time when I am not present concentrating on different aspects of my practice that had no idea about before the training. I would not have been able to teach one aspect of yoga prior to the Tulum and now I have the confidence and knowledge to teach multiple limbs. The most impactful aspect by far has been learning "Attachment is Suffering" It's much easier now to let things go and not harbor stress and angst over things I cannot control. Hopefully I can emulate you and share this gift with as many people as possible.

In my opinion Sharon is an extremely knowledgeable, courageous, intelligent, and ambitious motivator who tries to live her life using the same ethics, morals and habits she teaches. She is extremely pleasant and has an uncanny ability to present a calm demeanor all the time.

The Tulum training was one of the biggest life altering experiences I have had. The teacher training not only changed my yoga practice but also changed the way I think and act off the yoga mat. This training was an amazing experience, a true gift that I will never forget. Thank you so much Sharon." — JP Guyer

"I really appreciated the opportunity to disengage from my life and submerge myself into the study of yoga. I enjoyed the camaraderie among students and the tidbits of life lessons I learned from each. I feel that I have made lifelong friendships, from people who continue to inspire me in ways I never thought possible.

Sharon is a very dynamic and knowledgeable teacher and have so much to offer this World!

The experience, for me, was transformative. I grew. Looking back, I think, there were certainly the highs of confidence and silliness; and then, there were the lows of exhaustion and uncertainty. But, I do know that finally I worked through things that had been bothering me for quite some time. I don't know if it was the asana practice, advice of others, meditation, or just plain grace- but I am so grateful. Each day I find myself mindful not to lose the lessons we learned. I am ever more optimistic that maybe I really can realize the goals I never thought possible." — Dana Williams

"Sharon is warm, supportive, and steady. She did a fantastic job of gauging the qi of our group and adapting the schedule to fit where we were in the moment. I perceive your strengths to be the best qualities of kapha: sweet, steady, dependable, nurturing. Usually, I relate best to very fast, high-energy teachers, and on our pre-trip phone call, I was concerned that your pace and my learning style were not well matched. I was delighted that this was not at all the case. You are a very knowledgeable and are great at holding space." — Brodie Welch

Gabriela"I loved the 2-week emersion into Yoga. My whole body, mind, and spirit were THERE.   Tulum was a beautiful location to be doing this training. The setting encourages a relaxed mind and openness to receiving the teachings.

Sharon has the special gift to make everybody feel welcome, comfortable, and well cared for. She instinctively knew when we (students) needed a walking meditation on the beach rather than a meditation on the mat. Her sensitivity and love for her students is evident in every lesson she teaches. The guest teachers were carefully chosen and brought with them their expertise in certain fields (e.g. Anatomy, nutrition, yoga sutras, chakras...). The support and encouragement from my fellow students is also something I’ll never forget. 

Yoga teacher training in Tulum was another major life shaping experience. I taught a Yoga lesson the day after we came home from training. I was able to teach with confidence each asana, incorporate breathing and help the students find steadiness and ease in each pose. Feedback was great! I’m proud to be a teacher trained by Barefoot Works. I not only teach Yoga now, but also have incorporated a daily personal Yoga practice.

Sharon is one of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet in your life. Yoga is her life - she lives it well.  She is radiating love for life and for others. In her you find a very knowledgeable and confident teacher. I also appreciate that she touched on the business of Yoga.  - She will be in my heart forever." — Gabriela

Liana"My yoga teacher training experience in Tulum under Sharon's guidance was both incredibly exciting and challenging. I lived and breathed yoga for an intensive two weeks covering exciting ground on philosophy and practice. And as we were nestled on the quiet, beautiful beaches of Tulum, it also proved to be a valuable (and liberating!) time to pause without distraction for self-inquiry and exploration. I have emerged from the teacher training not only with practical skill and knowledge but also with newfound appreciation for a yogic lifestyle that extends beyond the mat and the classroom. I left Tulum motivated, inspired, and giddy -- giddy knowing this would be a springboard for a lifetime of learning. I could not have imagined a better time, better place or better teachers and companions to have shared this precious beginning." — Liana

Laura"I signed up for YTT in Tulum with a strong desire to learn more about yoga and a glimmer of hope for teaching in some capacity, someday. By the time I left Tulum after the final day of training, I realized I had received so much more. I found myself with a wealth of knowledge and understanding I could never have dreamed, relationships with fantastic fellow yogis who were so unique yet so connected, a love for teaching and sharing the postures and principles of yoga, and an inspiring immersion in yoga that could not compare to any other experience I've ever had.

Sharon's genuinity, dedication, expertise, yogic living, and contagious contentment make me truly believe the yoga training field is her dharma. Her compassion, understanding, and heartfelt concern for every being's holistic health and happiness truly inspired me during and following training. With a passion for yoga that shines brightly, Sharon taught us how to teach safely and positively, but also from the heart. She instilled in us that our job is of the utmost importance - as inspiring awakeners, we will now reach each of our future students with a genuine touch." — Laura

Cody"For this yoga teacher training I expected to get the tools to help me start to teach yoga and to refine my overall knowledge about yoga practice. I achieved this and more. I definitely had some reservations about my abilities to teach with confidence. The approach of the teaching program drastically helped me to deal with fears of speaking in front of others and to build the confidence I needed little by little. The course helped me to compliment some basics of yoga theory and to strengthen the foundation I already had.

The teacher program worked on many levels for me. The experience is so personal that it gives you the opportunities for a lot of self-discovery about your yoga practice, your role as a teacher, your belief systems and how you connect with yourself and others. I definitely feel I have grown as a stronger person emotionally. The experience gave me the opportunities to choose to deal with some self doubt and fears about my abilities as a yoga teacher but also has a normal human being. My overall knowledge of yoga was challenged and improved through the theory and philosophical sessions. Spiritually I was able to re-connect with myself and my fellow teacher trainees. My personal practice is enriched because of all of this hard work while at the same time I got what I needed to start teaching.

I was able to deal with a lot of doubts, fears and confidence issues. I am looking at my yoga practice now with more depth but at the same time in a very simple way by just reminding myself about the Yoga Sutras and that they apply to all aspects of my life. Most importantly the training reminded me to remember to examine how I am dealing with my yoga practice, my personal life and my work situation. It has helped to remind me also about the things that are really important to me.

What was it like doing this training in Tulum? I think the idea of getting away from our personal lives and re-connecting in such a beautiful place is the perfect environment for this kind of training. The setting allows you to focus on the work at hand, disconnect and deal with your own progress and issues. The serenity of the ambience just promotes growth and healing. I think equally important is the idea of living, learning, working, dealing with a small group of new friends in an intensive program is so helpful to immerse into yoga.

What did I feel Sharon was like personally? Everything Sharon does is with love. Sharon has the keen ability to see the strengths and weaknesses of the students to progress individual development and growth. She is a wonderful teacher. Her love and passion for yoga is so motivating to her students." —Cody

Carol"The first morning, I walked down the palm tree lined path to start our morning meditation; I had tears in my eyes. I was so excited to be there and couldn't wait to start my journey. The separation from home gave me time to re focus on my priorities with loved ones and friends. You couldn't help but be emotionally and spiritually touched while watching magnificent sunrises and practicing and learning in such beautiful surroundings. While the training was intense at times, I return from this training with the confidence to go out and share the knowledge I obtained with others.

I have made a commitment to myself to do a home practice every day which will keep me focused on this yoga life style and journey. I needed this experience to make positive changes to my life, to eat a vegetarian diet and curtail my addictive personality. This training has helped me find my way – finally. I know I will endeavor to be a better person and instructor.

Sharon is such a kind, loving, caring soul. She took time every day to check in with each of us and allocated time for us to spend one on one time with her to go over any concerns. She held my hand when I needed her. My heart overflows with gratitude for the love, tenderness and knowledge that I received from Sharon. The group was truly blessed to have found her." — Carol

Martin"The Barefoot Works Teacher Training caught my attention because of the location. Friends had previously shared stories about great Yoga retreats in Tulum. Upon reviewing the program outline I found Barefoot Works approach to Yoga aligned with my own. My own path of Yoga has been one of self discovery, the very theme Barefoot Works emphasized in their description of the program. The inclusion of pranayama, meditation and Yoga philosophy with the prospect of personal growth and transformation is appealing.

I think the students, guided by Sharon, Tracy, Shelli and Sarah, delivered. Barefoot Works provided the fertile ground of location, practice, teaching, learning, reflection and meditation that allowed us students to grow and become Yoga teachers. Our personal Yoga journey made a quantum leap forward. In Tulum we became more who we truly are, humans alive, breathing, stretching, discovering, learning, dancing and eating together. And teaching!

The experience in Tulum was much more than I expected or could have hoped for. The self discovery in the Yoga practice combined with the interactions with fellow students and the Barefoot Works teachers made for an unforgettable journey. Many thanks to Sharon and her team for providing the opportunity!" — Martin

"I am already subbing next month for one of my teachers! I am more committed to my yoga practice than ever before. I plan to incorporate the teaching of yoga into my life. And, best of all, I returned with the vitality and insight to move forward on some idea/plans that I had postponed. It's very exciting.

Sharon is stunningly beautiful, both inside and out. She has amazing lightness of being and depth of spirit all at the same time. It is a wonder to be in her company. I feel very fortunate to have studied with her." — Harriet

"Sharon thank you for your hard work and sharing your wisdom with all of us. You are a great teacher and I feel very blessed to of trained with you. I find myself closing my eyes and just being in the moments on the beach surrounded by jungle, the juicer, the birds, the support of fellow yogis. Wow! The journey begins! When I began training I knew I loved yoga, and others always told me I should teach, but I still doubted myself as a teacher and now after training I truly feel a need to teach, a strong desire that this is my path!" — Michelle

Elizabeth"I feel so fortunate to have taken part in Sharon's teacher training in Tulum. The course was more than I could have ever imagined it would be! Sharon is a true professional, her curriculum was well-paced, interesting and informative and her materials clear and intuitive. I will be using them as reference and for review and reflection as a student and teacher of yoga for many years to come. The guest teachers all provided a distinct insight into different aspects of yoga and are all very passionate and committed as well as being pleasant people!

Sharon led us directly into practice teaching to one another (in groups of 3) on the very first day of class, which was a wonderful way to get us involved in the process of learning to teach right away and helped build our confidence.

I initially hoped to go to Tulum and enjoy the calm and quiet for reflection and to really concentrate on the study of yoga and filling in the gaps in my knowledge. I feel that Sharon's course met those expectations and brought me much, much more. The two weeks of training and the previous preparation really brought me in touch with my own struggles, desires and abilities. Sharon was always willing to listen and support me with wisdom and kindness.

The energy of being in a group of learners from different backgrounds was positively amazing. During the two weeks, we learned and grew, supporting one another wholly throughout the process. I will continue to feel close to my peers for many years to come and know that we shared something very special together.

Tulum itself is a slice of paradise! Morning meditation on the beach during sunrise, the sounds of birds in the morning (and the squeezing of fresh orange juice for thirsty yogis), and the ocean at night were all part of the experience. Practicing and learning about yoga, surrounded by nature was so rich and so right! It helped to clear my head and feel connected to the universe!

I feel that I left the training not only with the knowledge necessary to share yoga with others, but also with a road map for my future as a student and teacher of yoga, as well as with a new-found understanding of myself emotionally, spiritually and physically. On a personal level, Sharon's course helped me to re-evaluate my relationship with yoga and gave me the tools to create a yoga practice that serves me and my needs and that can evolve with time.

Sharon is a person of strong integrity, and she has a beautiful, radiant energy. She is kind, supportive, a fantastic teacher and a professional. She open to different points of view and inspired us to look within ourselves to find answers. She is also joyful and playful and a light, an enjoyable person to be around! A great guide and a lovely person." — Elizabeth