Yoga at Work

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Did you know that work-related stress accounts for $200-300 billion a year in the American workplace? Yoga doesn't make stress disappear but it does help people to manage their reaction to it more effectively. Yoga students often comment on improved powers of concentration, greater clarity of mind, better decision-making and improved personal productivity as well as the more general feeling of a deeper sense of health and well being.

Through the practice of yoga, we develop mental focus and physical strength.

For employees the benefits of offering yoga in the workplace include convenience and cheaper prices for quality teaching. Classes can be sponsored by the company or solely funded by participants.

Major benefits of yoga include:

  • Mental clarity
  • Increased focus
  • Ability to manage emotional stress
  • Physical strength
  • Flexibility

Student signed up — we must have a minimum of 6 people participating. Please contact for additional info.

How often are the classes?

Classes take place once a week for a series of 6 or 8 weeks. All sessions are one hour unless otherwise requested.

What is required of our organization?

All that is needed is an adequate space to practice yoga and at least 6 eager participants. That's it!

What should our participants wear and bring?

Comfortable clothes that aren't too loose or too tight. Bring a yoga mat. We offer mats at a discount before the session begins.