Barefoot Works Yoga Teacher Training is a six month journey for 12 body stretching, mind altering, and heart expanding individuals who are ready to take their yoga & their life to the next level.

You know how magical yoga is. You’ve experienced the awesome benefits, everything from strengthening your biceps to stretching your heart.

You’re hungering to go deeper. You want the tools and the teachings that will awaken and energize you on every level. There is a part of you that wants to facilitate that for others.

It’s okay to feel a little (or a lot) scared.

But here’s the deal::

The world needs your yoga. A particular flavor of yoga that can never be duplicated because it can only come through you. And you deserve the support, know how, and grounded guidance to shape your unfolding yoga story.

“Words simply cannot express how grateful I am for this entire program – the guest teachers who all shared their unique styles and individual knowledge, the amazingly special bonds formed with classmates, and Sharon, who with her vast knowledge, gentle encouragement, kind heart, steady confidence, and healing spirit, truly changed my life. I’ve been grateful for many things in my life, but this experience definitely makes the top of the list because it has positively impacted every single part of my life.”
– Crystal Fitzgerald

Barefoot Works Yoga Teacher Training is a one-of-a-kind 200 hour yoga teacher training registered with Yoga Alliance. It is for a select group of yoga lovers ready to receive the skills, courage, and guidance to shape and share their own teachings.

You will walk away with the knowledge you need as a yoga teacher. You will learn the in’s and out’s of postures. The how’s and the why’s of sequencing. You will do lots of practice teaching to develop your own teaching voice. You will learn anatomy as it relates to asana. Plus you’ll come away with a plan (a real live, breathing plan!)for the first classes you lead once you step onto your mat as a yoga teacher. I consider it my role to give you the skills to teach yoga, prepare you for finding yoga students, and to teach classes you can feel good about.

But you know what? You’ll walk away with so much more. This is the only the tip of the iceberg. These are the externals, the things you will demonstrate. But you know yoga is more than that. Yoga is an internal practice. Some of the biggest, juiciest, most glorious changes and shifts occur internally. They cannot be measured with the eye, but they can be felt by the heart.

Will the process be perfect, without mishap or worry? It’s unlikely. Yoga teacher trainees often report that they are surprised at how much goes into teaching a yoga class (it’s much more than one suspects). Together we’ll stumble, tumble, rock, roll, and flow through this adventure that is yoga teacher training.

I won’t promise perfection. I will promise that if you commit to the process, if you stay open and curious, if you are willing to lean into discomfort without closing down, you will walk away a changed person.

It’s been over four years since Laura graduated from Barefoot Works Yoga Teacher Training and she still says, “I found I loved yoga way more than I thought I did. I realized I loved these other components – uncovering the yamas, discovering my breath, appreciating stillness – even more than the asanas. I was looking for something deeper than the poses, deeper than simple movement, and that’s what I found. And I found it alongside wonderful like-minded people who challenged me and taught me what it means to be a yogi, on and off the mat.”

This is so much more than a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Can you feel that?

“Wow, did I ever underestimate how much I would learn and grow from this course? I gained a tribe of fabulous, bad-ass women that were there for me with open hearts and listening ears whenever I needed them. The four day weekends went by too fast and by the end, I wanted to hit repeat. I wanted to soak in every second of my experience and take in every word and lesson that was spoken. The time in between, I yearned for the next module to be surrounded by these wonderful people in a gorgeous environment to dig deeper into me. I laughed, cried, cringed, and softened throughout the modules and my own reading, discoveries, and yoga practice. It’s only been about a month since graduation and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”
– Emily Monk

I consider it my privilege to create a safe, intimate, inspiring environment for you to practice, teach, grow, learn and laugh (yes, there will be lots of laughter!) alongside some of the coolest, most like-minded people you will ever meet. There will be lots of personal revelations, meaningful conversations, and light bulb moments while you navigate the path of becoming a yoga teacher.
I’m not going to give you the top ten reasons why you should do this training or go down the list of why this is THE best training around. I trust that you’ll know if this training is the right one for you.

If you’re feeling nervous right now, or excited, something in your body is yelling “YES”, or some part of you is quietly whispering “This might work” then please keep reading.


Let’s do this……

Barefoot Works Teacher Training is for you if…

  • You have a deep desire to immerse yourself in the transformative world of yoga.
  • You have a passion for yoga but think you “don’t know enough yet” to teach others.
  • You already work in a complementary field and want to integrate an element of yoga.
  • You already teach yoga and want to learn more.
  • You have a desire to be more awake and aware in your life, to live life with gratitude and joy.
  • You want to immerse yourself in yoga, deepen your practice and knowledge, and be surrounded by an amazing group of like-minded people.

In Barefoot Works 200 hour yoga teacher training you will learn::

  • Safe alignment for foundational yoga poses
  • How to adapt poses for a variety of people and needs
  • Sanskrit names of the postures.
  • Benefits and use of breath work & meditation
  • Yoga philosophy
  • How to develop and grow your self-confidence as a teacher
  • The art of sequencing
  • Principles of demonstration, observation & assisting
  • Principles of anatomy and how it relates to postures
  • Subtle anatomy, such as the chakra system
  • An introduction to Ayurveda
  • Creative business planning for yoga teachers

What sets our yoga teacher training apart from others?

You’ll be joining Lexington’s longest running yoga teacher training. That’s right. We are proud that we’ve been offering the highest, most comprehensive program for nearly nine years. Aside from feeling really proud of the longevity, the depth, and the success of our training program, we really (really, really, really) want to support you, your vision for teaching, and your success.

We do this in a number of ways. The first is our training size. Keeping the group at a number that feels intimate and allows us to get to know you, your practice, your desires, your strengths and your weaknesses.

At Barefoot Works Yoga Teacher Training you will learn from a variety of teachers. Each teacher bringing something unique and inspiring to the table.

Sharon Tessandori

Sharon Tessandori

Owner of Barefoot Works & Lead Facilitator

So many women are coming forward to become yoga teachers, to step fully into leadership, to courageously share their gifts and passion, their unique way of teaching and voicing the art and science of yoga.

It’s such a gift to me to get to facilitate this six month adventure. Inevitably, folks enter this training thinking, “I just came to learn to teach yoga!”, and what they learn it the process is THAT and so much more. You will get the experience of doing all the “outer” work in learning to sequence, cue, assist, plan and teach in your unique style and voice.

Equally important, and deeply satisfying, you’ll get to do the “inner” work of nurturing your desires, reclaiming your wisdom, cultivating love and compassion (even during times of challenge), and continually committing to your vision of what it is to be a yogi and a yoga teacher.

You’ll get to do that in what will truly grow to feel like a sacred circle. It will be a gathering of the most incredible community you can imagine. A place for you to grow, learn, and stretch in the best of ways while being celebrated, supported, and elevated in the very best of ways.

Sarah Frank Bowker

Sarah Frank Bowker

Yin and Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainer

We know there is more to asana than graceful flowing postural sequences. So, as a teacher, how do you create experiences for students to explore poses and sequences outside of flow?  Yin and restorative yoga poses are excellent ways to introduce the both the sweetness and the steadiness of poses in a slower, grounded and subtle way. Importantly, balancing yoga flow with slower asana practices prepares students to embrace stillness.

Yin yoga prepares the body + mind to sit in a meditation practice.  Restorative yoga is a transformative practice for people who are physically (or otherwise) unable to engage in a vinyasa practice.

Finding the sweetness in slowing down. Breathing deep. Doing less. Being infinitely more.

I can’t wait to share these introspective practices with you!

Carrie Tyler

Carrie Tyler

Dynamic Anatomy Teacher Trainer

Let me start by saying this is not your normal, boring Anatomy & Physiology course.

This is a super engaging curriculum that uses all levels of learning (i.e kinesthetic, auditory, reading/writing, visual) to etch information permanently into your cranium. Lectures are balanced with postural therapy techniques, dynamic movement exercises, hands on work, and palpation. If space permits, group work with Anatomy in Clay® models is included.  You will stand up and sit down so much that one student referred to this course as “anatomy church.”

By studying anatomy you will start a journey that will inspire your own practice and expand your teaching language exponentially. Your students will marvel at your new knowledge.

You never knew anatomy training could be this fun.

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

Chakra Health Scholar

It’s my passion to help women heal. As Westerners we grow up with the notion that thought and intellect are located in the brain, but rich Eastern Vedic philosophy teaches us that consciousness, beliefs, and decision making, are distributed throughout the entire human physiology and energy body.

From the base of the spine through the crown of the head, the light that shines from the major energy centers, the chakras, make up the complicated aspects of human being-ness.  They include the dimensions of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experience and intention.

For students of yoga, this curriculum is designed to foster personal exploration of the soul as well as a global citizenship perspective, and how the two are combined to create excellence in leadership as yoga teachers.

Through lecture, class discussion, handouts, and practices that include asana, meditation, pranayama, and partner energy exercises, students will leave with a deeper understanding of: their own psycho-spiritual psychology, the fascinating innate consciousness system we are all born with, and an appreciation for the truth that we are walking miracles.

“I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for you, this program, and the space you have held for all of us. I had no idea what to expect of this training except for it to be a pretty wild ride. I had no idea how wild and wonderful it would be! Your compassion, patience, authenticity, love, grace, warmth, and gentle leadership have transformed me from a woman in pain to a magical yogini who is finding her voice to be her authentic self. That is beyond any gift I could have imagined.”
– Kate Eddens

The Format:

Our yoga teacher training meets for four 4 day modules. The modules will occur Thursday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. There will be additional work outside of our sessions that include attending and observing yoga classes and reading assignments, all meant to integrate what you are learning during our time together.

10The Dates:

March 1-4, 2018
May 3-6, 2018
July 5-8, 2018
September 6-9, 2018

The Materials:

You will receive a downloadable yoga teacher training manual. There is required reading for the training so you’ll need to purchase those. We will also have a private Facebook group so that we can stay connected throughout our training.

The Location:

We’ll gather at Barefoot Works located in Lexington, KY. Our studio space (also affectionately known as “the treehouse”) is rather magical and I think you’ll agree that it’s a dreamy place to spend so much time. Picture yourself here, immersed in the inspiring world of yoga.

The address for Barefoot Works is 2891 Richmond Rd. Suite 202: Lexington, KY: 40509

For those of you traveling from out of town, the studio is within a 20 minute drive from the airport and we have two hotels conveniently located within walking distance to the studio. One even has a free shuttle to and from the airport. Plus there are plenty of restaurants to choose from within walking distance. Wahoo!

Yoga Teacher Training Costs:

Early Bird
(before Jan 25th, 2018)
Regular Price
(after Jan 25th, 2018)
Payment Option #1:
Pay In Full
(Best Savings)
(includes $500 deposit)
(includes $500 deposit)
Payment Option #2:
(Cash-Flow Friendly)
$500 deposit
followed by 10 monthly payments of $220 (total $2700)
$500 deposit
followed by 8 monthly payments of $325 (total $3100)

“Barefoot Works Yoga Teacher Training is a holistic offering of everything yoga and I am a better person for taking it! Every time the training schedule was announced I considered enrolling but life would hold me back. I’m not sure what finally aligned for me and my family of 5, but whatever it was the timing was serendipitous!

Sharon has been doing trainings for nearly 10 years and our modules never once felt rote, rather everything that we wanted and needed! She kept the hours moving quickly with a perfect mix of practice, discussions, teaching, and dreaming. She brought in amazing guest yogis to teach anatomy, yin, restorative and Thai yoga, the chakra system, Ayurveda and more!
I received more than I ever thought I would from this training. I made amazing life long friends, delved deeper into my own practice, and now I am well prepared to teach and use my own voice to do so! I’m so glad everything aligned for me this time, best decision ever!!”
– Kate Kaiser

I know there are some of you reading this and feeling like this is SO much money. When you actually do the math, this comes to $13 per training hour. That’s less than a drop-in class. I know, pretty crazy.

Now that you know more about Barefoot Works Yoga Teacher Training, is this you?

I believe that there is a “right” program for each of you interested in teaching yoga. Meaning that what I have to teach will be right for some, but not for all. Take a look at the following values and see if they fit you. Fitting doesn’t have to mean that you’ve perfected it, but it does mean that you are interested and open to it.


Personal growth:

You have the desire to continue to grow, learn, and apply what you’re exploring. I’m not so much concerned if you are a “yoga master”. Perfection of the poses does not lead to enlightenment or perfection in teaching. You should be knowledgeable about the basic yoga poses as I find it’s just way too much to start from scratch AND expect to learn how to teach.


I firmly believe that having more yoga teachers out in the world will lead to a happier and healthier planet. You sense the power that lies within the practice, philosophy, and psychology of yoga. You have a desire to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing yoga.


You believe in the body, mind, spirit connection. You are open to exploring how your life on and off the mat are connected. You desire connection and deepening of relationships of those who join this journey alongside you. You see yourself as a part of a greater good. You trust, believe, or at least suspect that we are all interwoven in some way even if you’re not exactly sure how.


Embarking on the path of becoming a yoga teacher is a process. There will be intense, emotional, and challenging times. Our training days will be greatly fulfilling and grueling at times. Compassion for yourself (and those training alongside you) will be invaluable.

“I’m radiating so much love from yoga teacher training. Feeling the expansiveness of a greater state of peace, interconnection to self and others, and the unconditional pride & SUPPORT from Sharon, the teachers she recruited specially for each area of focus and the group. A self-transformation has occurred. Not only have I learned how to teach yoga compassionately, I have learned more about myself the past 6 months & feel pretty fierce. I will use this milestone (of lifelong yoga/life journey) as a catalyst to radiate back out to into the world as I teach. I am forever grateful for this experience, knowledge and the support from this welcoming studio. There is no place like home (Barefoot Works)! ”
– Meg Thompson

What Happens Now?

Ready to embark on a life changing journey? Great! Here’s how it works…..
Step 1: Pay a $500 deposit. Your deposit is non-refundable. It confirms your joyful commitment to the process.

Step 2: Complete the application here.
Don’t worry; I just want to make sure that together we’ll be a good fit. We’ll be making a commitment and spending a lot of time together. It will be wise for both of us to make sure we’ll work well together.

Step 3: I’ll schedule a 10-20 minute phone call to follow up with the application.
You can ask me some questions. I can ask you some questions. It will be helpful for me to get to know you, learn a little about your expectations, and the direction you’d like to go with your yoga career. If for some reason it turns out that we’re not a good fit, I’ll happily refund your $500 deposit. Since I’m only accepting twelve people for this training, I want to be sure that it’s the right twelve people.

Step 4: Payment
You can pay the tuition in full, or split it into ten monthly automatic payments.

Sign up for Yoga Teacher Training!

Step 5: The fun stuff!
This is where I send you all the information that you need and together we start getting ready for training! I’m looking forward to sharing this transformative experience with you.

If you have any questions, email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Namaste & High Fives,

Sharon Tessandori & Team

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Before submitting your application for yoga teacher training we ask that you consider the time, money, and energy that must be invested to become a yoga teacher. We recommend that you carefully evaluate your schedule and obligations to ensure that you can commit fully to the program. We keep our training group small and it usually sells out. Please keep this in mind as you are completing your application and paying your deposit. The deposit is due when you submit your application and is non-refundable. We do not offer any refunds for yoga teacher training.

“Yoga Teacher Training with Sharon Tessandori at the helm is an adventure of the best sort.
You’ll stretch and grow.
Your circle of friends will grow richer.
You’ll fall even *more* in love with yoga.
And it will all unfold in the most perfect way for YOU.
It’s gonna be so good.”
– Melanie Mauer

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