Love Letters

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Barefoot Works students enjoying some yoga dancing lead by Teresa at the opening of the new studio."For me, my awkward yoga practice is part of my happy rich life. I really appreciate what you’ve created with Barefoot Works…it’s exhilarating to discover something new yet familiar. I see the love that you pass onto your students and it’s so nice to be a part of another small business that looks after its little basket of clients with care. Thank you for offering an introductory special so I could try different classes to see what’s a good fit. Thank you, thank you, and thank you." — Melanie

Around my third visit to Barefoot Works I realized this place is much more than a yoga studio. It’s a community of kind souls, a fellowship of kindred spirits who all share a love of yoga. In each moment you are enough, just as you are.

A newbie myself – I was a bit nervous to venture into something so different. My concerns left me quickly - I found there to be many students just like me, all at different fitness levels; as well as caring instructors who understand and appreciate that each body is different. I am becoming more comfortable in my skin and celebrating that I don’t have to be perfect, or have it all figured out here.

Yoga has become one of the best parts of my week. I crave time at Barefoot Works amongst my new friends to untangle and dissolve back to neutral after a busy day at work. I carry the best of my practice back to my hectic-thrilling-always-on-the-go-life, and oh the wonderful difference it makes! I think as women we play so many different roles: as caretakers, friends, sisters, mothers, daughters…we often forget to put ourselves on the list of things and people that we “tend to”. We give away so many moments each day… my practice at Barefoot Works is the way that I give back to myself. When I am on my mat…those nourishing moments are mine, and they make ALL the difference.” — Addie

Dearest Sharon, I just wanted to let you know how inspiring you have been to me over the past few months. My family has been going through a really rough time and I have had a hard time placing my emotions and finding time for myself and yoga. One day in class you told us to put our distractions/worries on a cloud and watch them float away and since that day, I have been doing that. Even at home or at work when I start to feel anxiety take over, I put it on a cloud and the analogy has done wonders for me. And not to mention YOGA! I can't imagine my life without it now. I feel a whole new sense of balance and goodness in my life even through a really hard time. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of the universe. — Julie

“Yoga has made me a better woman. I have learned that time for me is important and not to be dismissed. I hope that I am a bit more caring and understanding than I was two years ago. The physical benefits are worth mentioning too! With the big 6-0- breathing down my neck I really think yoga has made a huge difference in how I feel. My flexibility has improved greatly and the little aches and pains go away with yoga!

The other benefit of our studio (don't you like my "ownership"!) is that it is a safe and caring place for everyone. If you need a good friend or a little nurturing, just come to yoga!” — Irene

Sharon, I just can't put into words HOW much I LOVE your yoga studio. Your energy and teaching skills are beautiful. Since starting your classes and learning Yoga, I feel like my perspective on life has changed so much for the better. I find myself laughing easier and loving the little things in my days. I just want to thank you so much for creating a space that is so nurturing and healthy. It is ALWAYS a joy to be there. Thank you for all you do!! — Ashleigh

"Being a student at Barefoot Works has made my 2009 such a wonderful year! I have felt so much healthier, happier and more balanced this year because of your amazing studio. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!" — Bri

“I've struggled with fibromyalgia for 10 years, at times being in so much pain I could hardly function and a few years back I was even told that I would never be able to hold a regular job. I felt condemned to a world of pain where I could only watch others engage in life. Medication didn't work and so I had to find another path. And that was yoga. It seems incomprehensible that something as simple as yoga could have such a profound impact on my life, yet now body pain is only a fleeting visitor and fatigue only creeps back when I let my practice slide. I have a wonderful career and have a vibrant social life that I never thought possible. Yoga gave me my life back.” — Jaime

"Opening up my hands as I settled into Savasana, my eyes welled up with new tears. The vulnerability and connection with my true self I that felt building up throughout my yoga practice ran so deep that my emotions were breathing freely from my body. The parts of me that I was afraid to face became boldly present during my practice--growing stronger with each breath, with each song, and with each physical challenge I opened my body up to. My yoga practice has become my most effective and joyous therapy session, and after this particular memorable practice, I am ready to go even deeper." — Anne Dean

“Thank you so much for yoga yesterday! I came in at an 8 or 9 on the pain scale and left at a 1. I am really, really bad at using yoga therapeutically alone because I always try to target the places that hurt and it makes them worse. Plus, you know I am so flexible it's hard not to completely extend all the time. I weight train to try and balance some of that unbounded flexibility.

By the time I got to my daughter's daycare, that familiar pain was back, but when you helped me be free of it for a little while I was able to get back into a more balanced state of mind. When I got back in the car I realized that I was playing a CD on the way there and I was in so much pain I wasn't even aware of it. So thank you, thank you, you are a great yoga teacher." — Rachel

I love how you write about yoga and how it impacts your life, how you make it so real, down-to-earth, and accessible without compromising its philosophy and its sacredness.... AND you make it so fun and lighthearted, and not preachy!” — Mia

“Most importantly, the noncompetitive nature of yoga has been a major self-esteem booster. I finally found something that I’m good at, but the best thing is that I don’t have to qualify ‘good’ to anyone except me. I continue to be amazed at what my body can do.

Yoga has also taught me to be in touch with my body, both on and off the mat. Several times during the day, I find myself pausing to notice that I may be clenching my jaw, furrowing my brow, or tightening my shoulders. Through practicing yoga, I now have the capability to recognize these things, but then also consciously relax and take a few deep breaths.

Finally, I have learned to try and live in the “here and now” because, after all, what else is there, really? Although I will probably never perfect the art of living entirely in the present, when I find myself dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, I have learned to turn to my breath to help get me out of my head, so to speak, and back to the present moment.” — Sharon